West Chiltington Friends of the School Association Registered Charity no.298245 (FOSA)

The purpose of FOSA is to organise events on behalf of the school to raise money which is used to advance the education of all of the pupils of the school (i.e. our children) by providing facilities that are not normally provided by the Local Authority. For many years West Chiltington Community School has been able to take pride in its very active and dedicated parent fundraisers. With your ideas, support and skills 2014/2015 will be another successful fundraising year. Do come and get involved, sparing even a small amount of time can make a huge difference. Our children's school life is enriched every year by the additional funds that are raised. And it's fun!

At the core of FOSA is a small committee which comprises of parents and represMaypole Dancingentatives of the school. The committee is supported by the Class Representatives and by many other parents and the school staff. New parents are always very welcome to join, especially when parents move on as their children leave the school and we need new volunteers and ideas. A list of committee members and class reps can be found on the our members page. Please feel free to contact any of them.

Committee meetings are generally held once a month on a Friday afternoon in school, with an AGM held in the Spring of each year. Meetings are open to all parents/carers of the school, not just for the reps and you can bring pre-school children.

The committee consists of the following elected posts.

  • Chair
  • Vice-Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • General Committee Members
  • Posts are elected at the AGM. The FOSA activities only happen through the support and involvement of helpers who do not belong to the full committee but who are willing to provide support at specific events or help with odd jobs throughout the year. We also have a class representative for each of our six year groups, who are the first point of contact for all FOSA matters.

    We organise the following events which are strongly supported by the local community - see the events page for more details.


    Other events are arranged for the children or parents/carers at school, such as class DISCOS and OTHER EVENTS. These may include informal get togethers for meals and occasions by arranged by Class Reps. As well as support for other outside charity events.

    THRIFT. We organise a school uniform thrift stall. All items are washed and ironed prior to sale and are in as 'Good as New' condition.

    This area of the website will be added to in Spring/Summer 2015.