Year 4 - Blue

Our Year 4 class is called Blue Class. Mr Bradshaw is the class teacher and Mrs York teaches on Thursday afternoons. Mrs Harrison is the teaching assistant.

What we're up to at the moment...HERE!

Mr Dominic Bradshaw

Mr Bradshaw is also our choir and singing teacher and the Inclusion Coordinator.

Likes - playing squash, Wimbledon Fortnight, taking photos of lovely views, chicken tikka makhani and cars

Dislikes - early mornings (except when I'm going on holiday!), careless drivers, mushrooms and black pudding.

Mrs Liz York

Mrs York teaches in Year 4 every Thursday afternoon.

Likes: The colour green, red squirrels, running in the rain, reading, generosity, views from the tops of mountains, sunny days, coffee with friends.

Dislikes: Candyfloss, alarm clocks, litter, laziness, cold swimming pools, piles of muddy rugby boots.

Mrs Helene Harrison

Mrs Harrison is a teaching assistant who works in Years 4. She is also a midday meals supervisor, runs our 'Let's Get Cooking' club and she is one of our school's first aiders.

Likes - black liquorice, gardening, dinner parties with friends

Dislikes - Snakes, spiders, sweetcorn and swearing.