Year 1 - PURPLE

Our Year 1 class is called Purple Class. Miss Woollard is the class teacher and Mrs Taylor teaches on Wednesdays. Mrs Leeds is the teaching assistant.

What we're up to at the moment...HERE!

Miss Hannah Woollard

Miss Woollard is our Year 1 class teacher.

Likes - Tea, netball, Christmas, prosecco, roast dinner, fireworks, travelling, laughing, junk shops, candles, surprises, pajamas, bacon.

Dislikes - blue cheese, feet, when technology goes wrong, creepy crawlies, getting out of bed, sultanas.

Mrs Andrea Taylor

Mrs Taylor teaches in Year 1 every Wednesday.

Likes - spending time with my family, autumn, netball, mushrooms and music

Dislikes - smoking, being unwell, coffee and people being unkind to each other.

Mrs Maryann Leeds

Mrs Leeds is a teaching assistant in our Reception class.