Reception - Green

Our Reception class is called Green Class. Mrs Collinson and Mrs Eager are the class teachers and Mr Dommett is the teaching assistant. Mrs Collinson is also our Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo).

Mrs Kim Collinson

Likes - blue flowers, laughing with my daughters, sherry, David Bowie and homemade cake

Dislikes - aubergines, litter, people who moan, scary films

Mrs Sarah Eager

Likes - Colourful paintings, driving my campervan, ballet, different shaped leaves, water melon and chatting with my family

Dislikes - Olives, people who are unkind to others, walking on stones and potholes.

Mr Reuben Dommett

Mr Dommett is a teaching assistant in Reception and is one of our midday meals supervisors.

Likes - Blue, sausages, cricket, model trains and ironing.

Dislikes - Yellow, parsnips, ketchup and naughty children!

Mrs Claire Smyth

Mrs Smyth is a teaching assistant in Reception.

Likes - Thai food, reading stories to my children at bedtime, cooking, keeping fit and chocolate.

Dislikes - bananas, rude people, traffic and ironing.

Starting school is a big step. Two parents share their child's experience from September 2013:

Jo Alcott has two children at the school. "My daughter Imogen (4), asks if she is going to school first thing in the morning, and when I tell her she is, she says "Brilliant."

"It is a big step up for them. My daughter was coping very well at nursery, and the staff said that she was ready for school, but the amount of new information they have to take on, people, names, new rules, school uniform and so on. But the school have a flexible policy, allowing the Spring and Summer birthday children to do half days until Christmas, and to go full time at any point. This allowed us to judge when my daughter was ready. The flexible times allowed her to have a positive experience of school. To start as we mean to go on.

The school is one community. All the children know each other, all the staff know all the children too. They work on whole school projects, that bring them all together. The School Nativity in 2011 was a true village spectacular, even a local family donkey provided transport for Mary. One class wrote letters to all the residents to let them know of the plans and asking for their involvement, and the school samba band kept it all moving. It ended up as a true village community event. As a village resident, living close to the church, I could see how, not only did the school create an amazing event for us all, but provided an opportunity for the children to work together, think about their community, understand the concerns of others."

Becky Paige says, "I didn't even consider my three children going anywhere else except West Chiltington. I didn't even attempt to look at any other schools purely because the school has been part of our family history for many decades with my grandmother then my mother going to the old school. Then I went to the new school when I was five in 1982 when there was only four classes there just with big curtains dividing them and a swimming pool where the new hall is. Our family has lived in the village for over a hundred years and all used the school so it's just part of our upbringing, if my three hadn't been able to get into the school and would have seriously considered educating at home. Not only is it a fantastic school now, it always has been. But I particularly feel that Mr. Rose has made it feel like part of the village again which is a big thing for me with the Christmas production and the Olympics relay event. My three have always been upset when they have been too poorly to go to school - that just says it all really!"